Wooden Windows

Wooden Windows

With the material from nature - Wooden Windows

Wood as a choice of material is ideal for your home, giving your property a natural look and feel. Wood is natural and resistant, strong and durable, timber as a material radiates warmth. Each piece of wood is unique, maybe that makes a big part of the appeal. Here at Stafford conservatories we provide windows of high quality wood that beautify your home and improve your quality of life.


Windows is an important component of your home, timber double glazed windows offer all the advantages of other types of window. The smooth functional wooden window frames meet all your requirements in terms of thermal insulation, safety and noise protection making them the ideal choice for your house.

The processing of the wood is of utmost importance, untreated wood soaks up water like a sponge. Moisture is one of the main reasons for the rapid aging and decline of untreated wood windows. Stafford conservatories take the greatest care to ensure that your wooden windows are treated to ensure they will last for years and years.

Double Glazing - Save now and reduce your heating bills

As an opening to the outside world your windows is one of the most important components of the house. Externally, there is a formative factor of the facade. Inside, it contributes to the comfort of the occupants. In winter, high quality double glazed windows gives your home additional insulation and stops the heat escaping from your property.

Innovative strength, continuity and reliability

These are three important strengths that are important in the production of timber windows for your home. Double glazed windows are manufactured to the highest level to meet the highest demands of any home owner. By focusing on core components, our experience offers the highest quality windows at an affordable price.

Delivering wooden windows that meet high quality standards, offering expert customer care and service to deliver a product that will add to your homes appearance, efficiency as well as increasing the value of your property.

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Timber Windows

Customer needs are important to us

We listen to your needs and requirements and bring our experience to help you find the perfect window match for your house. We especially appreciate the opinions and wishes of our customers and will do our utmost to meet your desires.

UPVC Wood Effect Windows

A popular alternative to natural wooden windows is upvc windows with a wood effect, these artificial wood windows give you a similar natural look of a timber window. Compare prices of this alternative option with free quotes from Stafford Conservatories.