Wood Effect Flooring

Wood Effect Flooring

If you are looking for the look of real wood without the expense then there are a couple of options available for you but by far the most popular choices are wood effect laminate flooring and wood effect floor tiles.

Wood Effect Laminate

Laminate Flooring is a great general use floor covering, it can be utilised in most rooms of your home, it is fairly simple and non-intrusive to fit and if properly laid, is low maintenance and easy clean once fitted unlike most real wood flooring. Laminate is harder wearing than wooden floorboards and does not need regular sanding or varnishing to keep in top condition If you live in a draughty property or one with large echoing rooms then with the use of the right underlay laminate can help with these issues too.

Laminate flooring is great in real wood effect but that is not the only option, not by a long shot! Laminate flooring comes in all shapes and sizes with a huge number of different effects indeed you can get laminate to mimic almost any other type of flooring, including real wood, natural stone, floor tiles, parquet flooring and much more such as coloured options.

Wood Effect Floors

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Wood Effect Floor Tiles

An increasingly popular flooring selection is wood effect floor tiles, they are available in ranges in both porcelain and ceramic. These tiles are an effective looking floor finish and are suitable for both residential and commercial properties as they are more durable than real wood which makes them suitable for areas with high levels of foot traffic.

Like Laminate, floor tiles are easier to clean and maintain than real wood and therefore make them a better all-round performer than real wood but offer an equally impressive aesthetic. They have all the grains and notches of real wood and so can be laid with no grout lines to give the look of real hardwood or with stylish grout lines to give an altogether different look.

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