Victorian Conservatories

Victorian Conservatory

Victorian conservatories have been a popular option for extending homes for nearly two centuries. The Victorian design brings the elegance and grandeur of the Victorian era that have been such a popular addition to the great houses throughout Europe. The elegant design and use of space provided by a Victorian style conservatory is suited for both the period property as well as modern homes. The Stafford conservatories team have many years’ experience and offer competitive low cost quotes for adding a Victorian conservatory to your home.

Stafford conservatories keeps up to date with the modern developments for building new home extensions for your property, bringing modern techniques to the classic period conservatory design. As specialists in the design and construction of Victorian style conservatories in the variety of different building materials offering the popular options of UPVC, timber and aluminium. Offering a professional friendly service and many years experience and expertise in the building of conservatories of all shapes and sizes we are happy to answer any questions you may have and help you evaluate the advantages of the different style, types and construction materials available to choose from.

Here at Stafford conservatories we provide our customers with quality products at extremely reasonable prices without compromising on quality. We deliver an excellent experience from the planning stage to the competition. With a personal approach we work together with you to ensure you have a conservatory that you will enjoy for many years.

Victorian Conservatory Prices

The cost of building a Victorian conservatory varies depending on a number of factor, here at Stafford conservatories we look at each job individually to give you a quote tailored to you, we will work with you to ensure you are getting excellent value for money for your new extension.

UPVC Victorian Conservatories

The use of uPVC for the construction of conservatories is the most popular choice for UK home owners. UPVC has a number of key properties that make it the ideal option for the use of conservatories, upvc is hard-wearing resulting in low maintenance costs. UPVC can also be mass produced making upvc a cheaper option than some of the alternative material choices. As well as being a very practical option upvc is available in many different options, styles and finishes, giving you a number of choices in colour schemes for your Victorian conservatory. As well as numerous colour choices, upvc can also have numerous effects; popular options include wood effect upvc as well as metal effect upvc.

Timber Victorian Conservatory

Wood as a material option for the use for the building of a conservatory allows you creates a real balance between your homes extension and the natural beauty of the great outdoors. When choosing the type of timber for your conservatory extension you have many different types of lumber, popular timber selections include oak, cedar, Luan and Idigbo these are amongst the many different options available, when speaking to your conservatory contractor they will give you the full range of timbers available and answer your questions giving the benefits and drawbacks of the different timber types. Many people think of wood as a high maintenance choice of material, but hardwood can be extremely durable, there are still wooden conservatories from the Victorian era still in excellent condition. Modern advancements also gives us a number of wood treatments that can prolong the life of wood in a construction project.

Victorian Aluminium Conservatory

Aluminium is a strong durable material which is easily used to create attractive home extensions for your property. Aluminium is an environmentally friendly option which can be made from recycled aluminium. Although not as popular as years gone by aluminium is still an excellent choice for the construction of your conservatory.

Whatever material you choose for your new conservatory, Stafford conservatories can help you build a conservatory tailored to your personal preferences.

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Victorian Conservatory

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Stafford conservatories is a company dedicated to helping provide an excellent service at affordable prices,helping you add an extension to your home without breaking the bank.

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The team at Stafford conservatories have a long history, with plenty of experience providing expert help for people building conservatory home extensions
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When building a Victorian conservatory it is important you are aware of the building regulations and know what permission you require before building a conservatory, we can help answer any questions you may have as well as help you get granted approval for a conservatory extension if needed.
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Your conservatory can be designed by a professional in conjunction with your personal preferences and constructed meeting building regulations to a high level finish. Built in your chosen material, upvc, aluminium or wood.
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