UPVC Windows

UPVC Windows

Energy costs are rising steadily; although there is nothing you can do about gas and electric prices, having energy efficient windows can result in monthly savings. Here at Stafford conservatories we provide UPVC windows that are functional as well as improving your home aesthetics.

Get no obligation free quotes and view our wide selection of fittings, styles, colours and types of windows available. We work with you to ensure you get the highest quality finish and provide new or replacement windows to suit your home.

UPVC is the most popular choice of material for your windows, a durable choice, upvc can last for years and years with little or no maintenance. Usually white in colour UPVC is also available in a wide range of colours and effects to suit your personal preferences.

Wood Effect UPVC Windows

Timber style windows are popular choice, giving you an attractive natural looking feel to your property. UPVC can come in a number of timber effects including, oak, walnut, pine or almost any other type of timber you can think off. Get competitive prices for upvc wood effect windows.

Window Security

Feeling safe is of the upmost importance, high quality upvc double glazed windows not only protect you from the wind and weather but also from burglars. With toughened glass and security locks on the panes, helping make your home into a castle.

Designed Individually To Suit Your Home

Windows that combine functionality with timeless aesthetic, through intelligent technology in a harmonious interplay with various shape and colour options. Give your home a distinctive style. UPVC double glazing that embraces innovation, quality and diversity. The variety of shapes, colours and design elements to suit your home, setting colour accents to your home with the choice of your upvc windows! We offer a wide range of design options and are happy to give you competitive quotes on the different options available.

UPVC Sash Windows

A style of window that has been popular for many years, sash windows can be found in many period properties but is equally suited for modern homes.

UPVC Casement Windows

Another popular type of window is casement windows, made up of one or more opening casements, hinged along one side. Top-hung and side-hung casements are also available, get low cost quotes for fitting casement windows to your home.

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Plastic Windows

Choice of Material

As well as UPVC windows, Stafford conservatories also offer alternative materials of aluminium and wooden windows. If you haven’t decided what material you prefer we will be happy to discuss the different options and help you choose the best choice of window for your house.