Stone Flooring

Stone Flooring

Installing a real stone floor in your home makes a real statement to your friends and family, is gives an authentic, stylish and beautiful look to any area of your home but particularly in your porch, hallways, kitchen or conservatory areas. This plush floor covering is ideal for warm climates or for use alongside underfloor heating systems, they offer real luxury and are easy to clean. If you or your family have allergies then they could also be useful to you, stone flooring doesn’t harbour dust or allergens.

Choose the Right Stone Flooring

If you are thinking of installing stone flooring in your property then you should know a little about the different options available and which best suits the floor you are looking to cover, different stone types have different porosities which affects their strength.

For area subject to lots of moisture or high foot traffic you should consider harder, denser stones that are non-porous such as slate, granite or quarry tiles, these need less maintenance and will last longer under these conditions. More porous stones such as limestone and travertine need to have sealants applied to prevent damage and staining.

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Flooring Stone Types

Stone flooring is available in a huge variety of colours and patterns as well as materials and are available to suit all budgets, there are a few examples detailed below.

Stone Tiles: Natural stone in tile form have been laid in homes for generations, Rocks pulled directly from the earth are sliced to shape retaining the natural look, imperfections and grain of the rock itself.

Porcelain: One of the most popular types of natural stone floor tiles o the market, it comes in various colours and shades and many porcelain tiles come pre-treated for easier installation. Porcelain is a more versatile stone than most so differing aesthetics can be produced.

Limestone: Limestone has a truly natural appearance, it is formed over hundreds of years from sedimentary materials, and it has a consistent colour and can be laid sanded or rough for a more authentic look. Limestone flooring need to be treated with a sealant to protect against staining.

Granite: Great for kitchens and bathrooms offering a deep luxurious look, this stone can be treated to be slip resistant and does not need treating to be stain proof.

Slate: An old classic that is available in irregular shapes to create a crazy paving like look which you can add a bit of artistic talent of your own.

Marble: Marble offers a great, luxurious look to a room but need protecting as it can be easily scratched and chipped, this material is often best used on areas of little foot traffic or as a statement piece.

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