Residential Front Doors

Residential Front Doors

A distinctive range of top quality doors giving an operation as smooth as silk and a long life.

DESIGN OPTIONS - There are literally dozens of design options to choose from, as you will see on these pages, including fully glazed, half glazed and paneled.

GLASS OPTIONS - You can choose glass which is frosted, leaded, patterned or stained.

OPENING OPTIONS - Your doors can be inward or outward opening and low threshold if required.

DOOR PROFILES - All door profiles and mid-rails are especially designed to present very attractive sight lines in your home and to suit high security locking systems.

COLOUR AVAILABILITY - White, mahogany-on-white or brown and golden oak on white or caramel. A range of additional colours from stock are also available for residential doors, including Burgundy, Olive Green, Royal Blue, Poppy Red, Ebony Black and a White wood grained effect.

GLASS SAFETY - Common sense dictates that not all glass is suitable for all applications. All our glass and glazing practices conform to BSI standards. This means that special considerations are given to all our glazing applications. In particular this means that entrance ways and high traffic areas, low level glazing applications, along with areas like conservatory roofs come with safety in mind and are load bearing as standard.

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Replacement Double Glazing Windows

Stafford Conservatories

STYLE - Whatever style of conservatory you require we can tailor it to your every need. The only limitation is the space available. We will give you every assistance, without of course, any obligation on your part.

VALUE - The luxury of a conservatory is affordable if you bear in mind that at least 70% of the cost is added to the value of your property, that's worth thinking about.

PEACE OF MIND - When you commission us to build your conservatory we will take care of everything, from the foundations to the roof, all you need worry about is what kind of furnishings to put in your new conservatory.