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We are a family business that believes if a job is worth doing it's worth doing well. Having developed our expertise in windows and doors, we are able to offer high performance upvc products in almost any shape or design.

Replacement double glazed upvc windows and doors at their very best. Our A-rated double glazed replacement window system is one of the most highly acclaimed products available in the UK today. It is technologically advanced, superbly engineered and fully accredited. We are very proud to be selected and appointed as fabricators and installers of the double glazed window system which offers you the following premium benefits:-

DURABILITY AND LONG LIFE - A double glazed replacement window and door system designed with the benefit of many years expertise and manufactured to last.

SMART APPEARANCE - Fully bevelled for a slim visual profile and clean sight lines, looking great inside and outside your home.

WARMTH AND SECURITY - A double glazed window system that will keep you and your house snug and warm in the most severe weather conditions, while at the same time giving a high degree of security.

ENERGY SAVINGS - Energy efficient double glazing reduces your heating bills, whilst integral gaskets and weatherseals ensure draught free comfort.

VIRTUALLY MAINTENANCE FREE - No more costly painting and an end to worries about rotting timber for good.

VALUE ADDED - Double glazed upvc windows and doors can add value to your home, protecting your investment.

GLASS DESIGNS - A large selection of glass pane options, including stained and leaded, for windows, porches and the conservatory.

Different Types Of Replacement Windows

CASEMENT WINDOWS - Double glazed casement windows, by far the most popular British window style, are available in over 50 options.

TIMBER REPLACEMENT - Double glazed uPVC Casement windows are an ideal choice for direct timber window replacement

THE CHOICE IS YOURS - The wide selection on offer enables you to choose the style that is perfect for your home. Obviously only a very small selection is shown here.

DECISIONS DECISIONS - You can choose top or side openers, or incorporate both. Have you ever considered a bow window or a bay window. How about stained or patterned glass? Leaded or Georgian panes? ( To view our range of Pilkington glass click on the GLASS OPTIONS button) The choice is almost limitless

TILT & TURN WINDOWS - The very distinctive style and flair of a continental window, offering a chic appearance and combining ventilation with excellent security. Tilting inwards from the bottom of the window to give an opening at the top and sides, the tilt & turn system allows fresh air in while helping to keep draughts out.

EASY CLEAN - Tilt & turn windows also offer the easy cleaning facility of being inward opening, allowing both sides of the glass to be cleaned from inside your property.

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Replacement Double Glazing Windows


We hope the small selection of replacement windows on this page will show you some of the possibilities on offer, If you would like some tips on styles suitable for your home, feel free to get in touch for professional advice on window styles, without obligation