Parquet Flooring

Parquet Flooring

Parquet Flooring is wood based floor covering composed of solid wood or engineered wood planks arranged in a geometric pattern with the idea of making a feature of the floor. This type of flooring is often used in theatres, auditoriums and other music venues as well as being popular in indoor sports arenas.

The word parquet comes from the French word parchet which means ‘a small enclosed space’ it was largely used to replace marble flooring due to the structural issues associated with the cleaning of the marble flooring.

Flexible Design Options

This floor type can be made from nearly any type of wood grain if properly treated, from oak, pine and beech to more expensive options such as mahogany, indeed multiple different wood grains can be used on the same floor area to create any look or pattern that you want. One wood type which is becoming particularly popular is bamboo which is the technical a grass and not a wood but this isn’t stopping many modern thinking designers from incorporating bamboo parquet flooring into their builds.

Low Maintenance Floors

Wooden floor by their nature can be fairly easily cleaned and most parquet floors can be sanded and re-stained if required, but the use of a household vacuum cleaner is not recommended as they can scratch the surface. They can also be fairly easily repaired if one of the blocks come loose, they can be stuck back down using hot bitumen or a bitumen based adhesive.

The most common place to find parquet flooring in home across the UK is in bedrooms and hallways but under the right circumstance you could use parquet in your conservatory too. Some people prefer the look of parquet to other types of floor types for the aesthetic, some feel that they are warmer under foot, it is worth considering however that it can be noisier than other floors under foot and may not be suitable for apartments or multi-occupancy buildings.

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Conservatory Parquet Flooring

If you are looking to have parquet wooden flooring in your conservatory you must first ensure that the building is suitable, this floor type is made of real wooden planks and does not deal well with moisture and damp over long periods of time, you may find block expanding, separating and even coming un-stuck. IT is not advised to use parquet on concrete so you would likely first have to overboard the area with marine ply or flooring backing board to deal with the moisture coming from the ground. The boarding would need to be sealed and be totally water tight, if your conservatory has a damp issue then this floor type will probably not be suitable.

If you are living in the Staffordshire area and are thinking of having parquet flooring or any other flooring type installed in your conservatory then speak to the local experts at Stafford Conservatories, we will arrange a consultation at your leisure, even evenings and weekends, we will then offer you a no obligation, no pressure quotation.