Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring

Laminate is a floor covering which is massively growing in popularity since its conception in the mid-nineties as the range grows and offers some very Different aesthetics, even mimicking the look and style other floor types, laminate flooring is available in real wood, ceramic, natural stone and many more varieties to choose from. The look is achieved by using a lamination process sealing the graphic to a man-made fibre board or resin material, the boards join together using a tongue and groove linking system which ensure there is no movement or separation between the boards.

Cost Effective Flooring

Though you may find laminate to be less hard wearing than other options, it is much easier and less time consuming to install than tiles, natural stone or real wood, it need next to no maintenance and is fairly low cost to purchase. In fact laminate flooring is available in budget options for as low as £5 per square metre, these facts mean that laminate flooring is fast becoming one of the most popular flooring options on the market today especially when it comes to conservatories.

Make the Right Choices

If you are looking to have laminate flooring installed in your conservatory there are a few atmospheric and structural requirements which must be met for you to get the most out of your floor as well as increasing the lifetime of the product. Firstly the conservatory must be dry and weather proof and not subject to damp, any moisture in the room or indeed in the concrete base itself will seep into and damage to laminate boards over time causing splitting and separation on the floor, clearly not an ideal situation for a wood based product, if your conservatory is subject to damp at times then perhaps a different floor type would be better for you. Secondly the sub base must be as close to perfectly flat level as possible, if the floor is not great then you will find that you laminate will quickly begin to bounce and may separate, you can use better types of underlay which can help if the floor differentials are small but in the end the better the floor then the better the finish, A self-levelling compound could be used to finish the floor before you lay laminate if required.

We Use Only the Best Underlay

Underlay can help level out minor issues with the floor as well as help stopping the cold and moisture from rising from the ground hence keeping your room warmer and protecting the laminate boards, for these reasons it is better to use higher quality underlay especially in a conservatory, we use only the best foam underlay for our conservatory floors at no extra cost to the customers as we want the results to be excellent.

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Professional Fitting

how to lay laminate flooringUnderlay must be taped down with the laminate laid on top to create a ‘floating floor’ with an expansion gap between the floor and walls to ensure no bowing in the laminate as the weather changes. Once the laminate is laid you will need to think about the edges, do you want laminate edge strips, contrasting or matching or you may prefer skirting board, upvc of wood. Whichever look you prefer, we can deal with your laminate flooring installation from start to finish, we can prepare the floor and even bring a selection of sample laminates for you to choose from, supply and install the lot with little or no effort on your part.

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