How Much Do Conservatories Cost

How Much Does A Conservatory Cost?

The addition of a conservatory can be a great way of extending your home, helping increase the value of your home while giving you extra living space. When looking at extending your home with a conservatory an important question is how much will building a conservatory extension cost? The answer can depend on a number of factors, these include the size of conservatory, construction material chosen, the conservatory design as well as other possible options.

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Here at Stafford conservatories we will listen to your specific needs and requirements and create a tailored quote, giving you competitive prices for the different conservatory options available. We will work with you from the planning stage through to getting your conservatory built and registered.

Conservatory Prices

Example Conservatory Costs & Prices
Edwardian / Victorian Conservatory Prices (Fitted)
UPVC - 3000cm x 3000cm – From £4,500
UPVC - 5000cm x 3000cm – From £6,400
UPVC – 6000cm x 3000cm - £10,750

Period conservatories such as Victorian and Edwardian provide a touch of class to your property at an affordable rate, UPVC conservatories provide an affordable addition to your home.

Lean To Conservatory Cost (Fitted)
UPVC – 3000cm x 3000cm – From £3,800
UPVC – 4000cm x 2500cm – From £5,600

The most cost effective option for building a conservatory, lean to conservatories are a simple easy construction helping make them a cheaper option than the more complex conservatory options.

The cost of adding a conservatory to your property can be split into different aspects, include digging out the grounding and putting down footings and concrete base. Another cost is the optional building of dwarf walls and plastering the walls. Another factor is the choice of roof for your conservatory, either a glass rood or the cheaper option polycarbonate. Once the conservatory has been built you will also need to hook the extension to your homes electrics and add plug sockets into your extension.

Here at Stafford conservatories we will give you a price for the whole job and help take care of all areas of the job, so when completed you will have a fully functional conservatory for you to enjoy.

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Here at Stafford conservatories we offer the complete package from beginning to end, outlining the full cost of constructing your new conservatory. As an expert in conservatory construction we take care of the design of your new conservatory, including ensuring you have the correct planning permission before beginning any building work. We begin with creating a good foundation and base for your new extension, ensuring you will be left with a conservatory that will last for years giving you excellent value for money. The high level of service continues through to the completion of your conservatory making sure all finishing touches are implemented, giving you an extra room for your home to enjoy.

Conservatory Costs

For many properties the addition of a new conservatory is a great investment and will add value to your property as well as giving you additional room that you are able to use for almost any purpose.

When looking at building a conservatory we can offer a whole host of conservatory designs, from the classical Victorian, Edwardian & Georgian as well as the low cost lean to conservatory combination designs such as the p-shaped conservatory as well as custom built designs, with this vast selection of conservatory styles to choose from we can help you with add an extension that complements your homes design and structure.