Conservatory Floor Tiles

Floor Tiles

For a luxurious look for your conservatory, floor tiles add a little class to the look of your home and are probably the most popular choice of floor covering for a conservatory. Floor tiles are available in an ever increasing range of styles and materials as well as design options. This floor covering offers a beautiful look as well as being hardy and easy to clean which make them great for a conservatory as they are usually adjacent to the garden and outside areas of your home, muddy footprints are much easier to remover from tile than carpet!

Floor Tiles

Floor Tiles Make a Beautiful Feature

A conservatory is a great place to add a special feature and there are some beautiful tiles available on the market which can offer a stunning aesthetic for your conservatory or orangery. You can choose from ceramics or natural stone such as marble, porcelain or sandstone as well as a plethora of other options.

Why Not Add Underfloor Heating?

If you are thinking of adding a little luxury to your conservatory then why not consider installing underfloor heating before you put the tiles down, it is much easier to do at this point and it allows you to get more use out of your conservatory, especially in the winter months. Underfloor heating does not come cheap but it is a great indulgence, it works much like your central heating with a thermostat controlling the temperature.

Our floor installers are highly skilled and have decades of trade experience between them, as with all of our work, we ensure that all floor are laid using industry best practices and to a very high professional quality.

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Highly Skilled Tradesmen

Floor TilerTo ensure you get the best possible finish the floor onto which the tiles are being laid should be flat and level, we can make the necessary floor adjustments if required to even out the sub base. We always make sure the floor is properly cleaned and prepared with a bonding solution, this helps make the surface less porous, makes the tile adhesive bond better with the floor and makes the work last longer in general.

Best Possible Finish

Before we start we will place tiles down and discuss preference with the client to help find the best layout and look for the best possibly symmetry, taking into account door thresholds, furniture and architectural features, all this helps with the finish and general finished aesthetic, the idea is to create as symmetrical a layout as possible without leaving lots of small tile cuts all over the room.

If you are looking to have floor tiles installed in your conservatory in the Staffordshire area then get in touch with us today, we will arrange a consultation and offer you a no obligation quotation with customer satisfaction guaranteed.