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Stafford Conservatories are partnered with professional electrician RCS Electrics who are a flexible company operating throughout staffordshire as well as traveling further afield.

Do you know that under this new law you now have to deal with all the necessary paper work related to this regulation once work is done by a professional and authorized electrician? However, if you hire the services of RCS Electrics, that will not be a problem for you at all. This is because our electricians will not only do your electricity work for you but will also fill out all the required paper work and documentation so you won’t have to worry about a thing. We will also provide you with a signed Building Regulations Self Certification document along with the appropriate Electrical Installation Certificate.

Under the Building Regulations, Part P, you now also have to get your previous electrical work tested by a registered electrical contractor. RCS Electrics offers this service too. If you need to get your work tested give us a call and we will do it for you. Because of this new regulation, when selling your property or even renting it or for insurance purposes, you will now be required to show some solid evidence which of course is in the form of certifications and documentations to ensure that all your electrical work has been carried out to the standard of BS 7671.

Here at RCS Electrics you can ensure yourself that you get this standard of BS 7671 so that next time your insurance company bothers you, you will have something to prove it to them. Even when renting out or selling your house you will be able to get a better bargain if you have this certification with you. So why wait any longer. Give us a call and have all your electrical work tested or done by our professionals so you too can qualify for this certification. We offer a complete package to all your electrical needs.

Your electrical work can be of two kinds. Either it will be notified or it will be non – notified. In the case of non – notified you will not be required by your Building Control Officer to show any notification before you get any electrical work done. However in the case of notified work you will have to make sure you inform your Building Control Officer that you are going to get some electrical work done. Here again, our professional team will carry out the notification task for you so you won’t have to worry it. No one understands electrical works better than RCS Electrics.

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