Conservatory Flooring

Conservatory Flooring

If you are the proud owner of a fantastic new conservatory then you will want to do your new extension justice with some equally impressive looking conservatory flooring. There are lots of choices available to you depending on your personal preference, the current aesthetic of your home or indeed the floor type which best suits the look and features of your conservatory and your home.

The flooring you choose can really put the finishing touches on your conservatory and it is worth properly assessing your options before committing to a final decision. We will take a look at the most popular floor covering available and assess their pros and cons.

Conservatory Tiling

Perhaps the most popular options for UK homeowners is floor tiles, there is a large and ever increasing range of floor tiles available, they come in a wide range of colours, sizes, patterns and even materials with natural stone tiles such as slate and porcelain taking a huge hike in popularity. Tiles are a great choice for a conservatory floor because not only are they beautiful but they are easy clean and often anti-slip which make them perfect for the transitional period between your home and garden.

Conservatory Laminate Flooring

Laminate Conservatory FlooringLaminate is becoming ever more popular as a conservatory floor covering, this multi-layer synthetic floor covering has an even increasing range offering some very different looks for your floor including natural wood grains and even stone and tile effect laminate and is obtainable in different thicknesses and suitable for most budgets.

Most laminate is fitted using the tongue and groove technique which makes it fairly easy to install though it is not advised that you install with no experience. Before installation the floor must be dry and free of moisture and damp, level and dry and suitable underlay must be fitted. We can organise the professional preparation of your floor beforehand if needs be.

Real Wood Flooring

Though tiles and laminate are the most seen floor covering in conservatories, there is no definitive rule as to what you are able to install, if you so wish you could have carpet or lino, two fairly inexpensive options or even real wood flooring, this option makes an impressive impression to guests and is the height of luxury but it comes at a heavy premium and comes in other choices such as the ever impressive Parquet flooring.

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Conservatory Underfloor Heating

With the winters in our country being much colder than our European neighbours we tend to get less use out of our conservatories in the winter months, it can be a disused and abandoned part of our home. Underfloor heating is a great way of negating this problem, having a warm floor underfoot creates a more comfortable atmosphere and really allows you to make the most out of this room all year round. Underfloor heating works in the same way as you home heating, with a thermostat where you select your desired heat and the thermostat does the rest and once installed is an excellent maintenance free luxury.

How Much Does Conservatory Flooring Cost?

Flooring cost can vary drastically depending on what option you decide to go with, speak to one of the experts at Stafford Conservatories and we can give you the advice you need to make the best decision. Get in touch with Stafford Conservatories today and we will arrange a consultation and a no obligation quotation for your beautiful new conservatory floor.