Aluminium Framed Windows

Aluminium Framed Windows

Aluminium framed windows have made a lot of progression over the last decade or so, these frames can be installed to make a stylish statement and are better suited to the aesthetic of many modern building styles whether they be residential or commercial premises.

Modern Visual Effects

Though UPVC windows are the most common choice in the UK, aluminium frames are seeing an increase in popularity, newer styles are not only strong and durable which has endeared them to homeowners in the past but they are now available in more slim line units and are perfect for buildings with thinner structures. Further bucking the trend, aluminium frames are now available with different effects such as a range of wood effect finishes.

Aside from being virtually maintenance free, these frame types are available in pretty much all modern and traditional frame styles including tilt and turn, casement windows, folding and sliding patio doors and even sky frame and frameless systems.

Cost of supply and installation will always be a deciding factor for property owners and this is perhaps the main reason why UPVC is the most common choice, indeed many who had their windows installed a while back will say that UPVC looks better and is cheaper but this is not really true anymore.

More Crafted Finish

Yes UPVC is the cheaper option but with modern manufacturing techniques it is hard to argue that UPVC is the better product overall, metal can be more expertly finished to get a much more crafted look and can be covered in a visual effect such as wood grain and most people who look at both modern UPVC and modern Aluminium would agree the aluminium now offers the best aesthetic. UPVC is plastic, a more expensive material than aluminium and is mass produced whereas aluminium frames are still assembled by hand and hence is more costly to create.

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